A special race with special memories. We asked several members of our 2018 lineup for their favourite Paris-Roubaix moment with Team Sky.

Ian Stannard

Getting on the podium myself. It was a dream come true. It’s always been a race I’ve wanted to perform in… I just need to get two steps higher! But there’s also the first year we were here with [Juan Antonio] Flecha when he finished third. I was a young rider then [22] and he was someone who’d been up there in all the Classics; someone to really look up to. It was really exciting to be in the same team as him, seeing his love for the Classics. Then he got third at Roubaix and it was a pretty awesome experience. I can’t really remember my role that year, but I’m sure I had to make sure the right break went and then get him into those early cobbled sectors. It was awesome to ride for a guy like him and learn from someone with that experience. 

Owain Doull

Last year it was mine and Dibbo’s [Jon Dibben] job to make sure the team went onto the first sector of cobbles on the front. I think we went onto that sector in third or fourth wheel, right at front, and I found myself on [Tom] Boonen’s wheel. I’ve got a photo of that saved on my phone, midway down that sector on Boonen’s wheel - and I think that’s pretty cool. The first part of Roubaix is always crazy. I was quite lucky last year that it wasn’t specifically my job to watch all of the early moves, but in the end after 80 or 90 kilometres I got dragged into helping out as well. It was just manic. It will be even more so this year having just seven guys rather than eight. Everyone knows that if you’re in that early move you could go late in the race and get a result, or play a big role if it comes back to you later on.

Geraint Thomas

In 2014 I went away at around the second feed, with about 60km to go - me, Boonen and a couple of others. We went all the way to the Velodrome then and we were in the group going for the win. That’s the year Niki Terprstra won - he went away just after the last sector, with less than 6km to go. When I look back, maybe I should have just done my own race really. We sprinted for second and I ended up seventh after emptying the tank for the team. But just to be out in front and in the thick of the race was special. We raced the same cobbles in the Tour back in 2010, when I was second and took the white jersey. That's a special memory.

Luke Rowe

It was the first race my whole family had come to, and when I say my whole family I mean my cousins, my aunty and my uncle - they don’t come to any races, so it was really special to see them. Then, funnily enough, Yogi punctured on the first section of cobbles. I had to stop and give him my wheel and as I stopped they were literally right there. They saw the whole thing. It’s a great memory because they were there, but it’s a bad memory because Yogi punctured right next to them! But it’s lovely that they were there.

Christian Knees

Arriving in the Velodrome. That’s always the best moment. I can’t really pick one year, but it’s always nice to get there and finish the race. My job is usually already done and of course that’s my main goal, and if you end up in a team car then it is what it is. But it’s always nice to finish a big Monument, and especially to head into that Velodrome at Roubaix.

Servais Knaven, Sport Director

Two years ago with around 55km to go, from about section number 13, there was a break or 12 or 13 guys and we had five up there. To have so many riders in such a group was my best moment, until two guys crashed. It was Gianni [Moscon] and Salvatore [Puccio]. Luke also had to jump over them and was then dropped, trying to chase back. Then we only had two left, but at the end Yogi [Ian Stannard] finished third. So in the end it was a good Roubaix, with a podium for Ian, but it could have been a lot better. We could have got more out of it I think, without that unlucky crash.

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